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February 8, 2011
Peanut, our rooster, who we rehomed this past Fall


Tilly, the head hen

Last night I was reminiscing about the chickens as babies. They were so cute.  I guess I was thinking about them especially because I have been getting all sorts of information about ordering baby chicks for this Spring. I know that I will not be getting any, as we now have a full flock of eight.  I still however enjoy looking back at their baby pictures; the same as I do with my own children.  They have all grown so very much.  I still can not believe that they now are full grown chickens.

The picture above of Peanut is one of my all time favorites. You can see the curiosity in his face that I wrote about so long ago. I think about him every day.  I wrote the farm that we rehomed him to.  I never heard back.  I’m afraid to reach out again.  I’m not sure if he suffered a terrible fate.  I do keep him in my prayers though.  Every night, I send him a little blessing wherever his little soul might be.  I miss him.


Fluffy bottoms at 2 weeks old



These photos were taken July 7, 2010. The chicks were about 2 weeks old.  It must have been at least 85 degrees outside. I had the run set up. I would sit in the grass with the kids and let the chicks outside to explore for about a half an hour. They sure did love their early adventures. I remember them getting tired fast too.  Looking back, Sunshine always had that long prominent beak. At two weeks of age, they were still peeping.  Low quiet happy peeps for contentment.  Loud fast peeping for being too cool.  I wonder if the chickens remember being that little. I wonder if they would remember Peanut? I wonder if they realize how lucky they are? I know how lucky we are.

Looking in the grass for goodies



We have truly be blessed by the discovery of backyard chicken keeping.  It is so easy with so many wonderful rewards that we experience on a daily basis. If you are even considering getting chickens, this walk down memory lane has made me realize even more that the chickens were one of the best things that could have happened to this Cape Cod family.


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  1. I’m currently trying to look for a bantam pullet to have. I purchased two bantams – one leghorn and one a black pekin. But the black pekin has turned out to be a rooster although he doesn’t crow because he’s only 6 weeks old. But he behaves very much like a rooster. Before I have to get rid of him (although I really want to keep him) I have to find myself a little bantam pullet. I’m thinking of purchasing one of those purebred show breed kinds but they’re a bit pricy ($50 for one).


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