Yes, There is a Difference

January 29, 2011

Over the past couple of months, I have been sharing some eggs with the neighbors and today I had my first sale.  People who see the eggs usually tell me that the eggs are beautiful.  I have to agree.  I also find the eggs’ beauty and uniqueness often bring about questions.

Supermarket eggs to the untrained eye all look the same.  They are sized, cleaned and need to pass various inspection points prior to making it into commercial egg cartons.  I can’t help but think about all those poor chickens confined to cramped cage conditions.  On the other hand, when the carton says “free range” it is not entirely what you would think.   Chickens able to roam free are housed in large warehouses with fans.  Instead of sunshine, green grass and rich soil, their feet will only experience the chill of a cement pad.  I will not even get started about their diet.  Lets just say that the chickens are fed ground up dead chickens.  Cannibalism.  They will never live longer than about 2 years.  If they are not laying eggs, then they are seen as no longer valuable.  They are culled.  I was not aware of all of these facts until I started researching chicken keeping.

Our fresh eggs are different.  As I have said before, despite variations, they all taste the same-fabulous!  People are not used to seeing things as nature presents them.  I thought our eggs should come with some basic information for those new to enjoying eggs that come from happy chickens.   Our happy chickens get fresh fruits and vegetables everyday.  Our chickens roam free on occasion and have plenty of stretching room.  They breathe fresh air and build loving relationships with each other.  They live their full natural lives.  They also eat a predominantly organic diet.

As of today, I am attaching an information sheet to all of the eggs that I both share and sell.  I hope that this proves to people that there truly is a difference.  I hope more people will start to think about their food sources and what they are feeding their families.  I know that I have. 

Here is the information we are sharing with our egg lovers:

We hope you enjoy your eggs. Here are a few facts about your  fresh eggs.

Our chickens are fed a 100% organic diet of chicken feed and scratch. They also enjoy fresh
fresh fruits and vegetables everyday.

Each of your eggs was laid by an individual chicken. Unlike store bought eggs, farm fresh eggs are all unique in size, color and shape. They do however, all taste equally delicious!

We do not wash our eggs, nor should you. The chicken laid an the egg with a protective membrane. This membrane prevents harmful bacteria from entering through the shell and also helps keep your eggs fresh by retaining moisture within the shell. Do not worry about any dried matter on the shell of your egg. The chicken has already taken care of it.


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