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January 3, 2011

Dip the hen in cold water.  Put in her in a wire bottom cage so she feels drafty.  These are ways that many people try to break hens of broody behavior.  In my personal opinion; cruel.  I gave it time; twelve days to be exact.  It appears to be lifting.

Two days ago, Dolly came out in the morning on her own.  However, yesterday she needed coaxing.  Today, she went out on her own again in the morning.  When I went to deliver some treats around 11:30am, she was out in the run.  Could it be breaking?  Could the broodiness be coming to an end?

Dolly will not begin to lay eggs until about two weeks after she comes out of her broody world.  Nature prevents her from laying while potentially raising new baby chicks.  It also gives her body a rest after sitting for so long.  It does weaken the hen.  Dolly has clearly lost weight. 

Nature takes care of most things as well as time.  I was not in a rush to end the broodiness.  I relied on Mother Nature to do what she does best.  So often, humans try to intercede and beat nature.  Mother Nature deserves much more respect than many give her.  Meanwhile, nature is also at it’s finest for Chocolate.  Tilly and Dolly now willingly participate in humpty love with him.  Now, it is only a matter of time and nature until he has all 7 girls under his spell.


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