Under the Weather?

January 16, 2011

So, yesterday morning and today, Oyster Cracker drank water like crazy!  Then she walked over and vomited what appeared to be water.  Other than that, she appears to be totally normal.  She is eating, drinking and pooping normally.   Her crop is normal and she doesn’t have any foul smells coming from her. Her tail is up.  She has bright eyes and her comb and wattle are both brilliant red. 

I searched around this morning.  I found one post on www.backyardchickens.com.  The poster said that sometimes chickens can drink too much and they vomit up the rest.  After she vomited, she did sound a little congested, but that cleared with time.  I removed her from the coop and placed her in my makeshift infirmary.  I put food and water in the infirmary.  I also scattered some scratch on the ground.  Finally, I gave her a big bowl of yummy yogurt.  Over the course of the next couple hours, she acted entirely normal.  She ate the entire bowl of yogurt and did not vomit anymore. 

While I was back inside, I heard the hens and rooster calling for her from the main coop.  Then she started answering them.  It was the loudest BWACK, BWACK I had ever heard.  After about a half hour of this continuous chicken talk, I caved in.  I decided that I would take my chances and return her to her family.  Their reunion was beautiful.  Everyone came over to talk to her and ask her where she had been.  They truly did miss her and their love was clearly evident.  So, for now, I am taking a risk that perhaps she has a little cold or just drank too much water.  I will be picking up some electrolytes to add the everyone’s water supply to help boost their immune systems.  If she appears to be getting worse, I will separate her again.  However, sometimes being around your loved ones is all you need to feel better.


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