Chickens Stories from Our Nest

Runny Egg

Late this morning when I went out to collect the eggs, I found 2 eggs in the nesting boxes.  After collecting those two eggs, I looked out into the run to see all the chickens.  In the middle of the run was the smallest little Silkie egg you ever have seen.  It was being trampled on by the chickens.  I had to retrieve it.

I went into the garage and grabbed a small child’s bamboo rake.  With the gentlest outstretching of my arm and the rake, I slowly rolled the egg to safety.  I think that one of the new Silkies laid it.  It is very tiny and has a small streak of blood on the side.  I have seen this before, when when the other chickens laid their first eggs.  I think that it is Autumn.  I saw her sitting in the nesting box early this morning.  I did not disturb her but I wonder if one of the bigger hens kicked her out or if she got confused.

I have heard of this before, chickens laying their eggs outside of the nesting boxes.  I just hope they don’t get in the habit of laying “runny eggs”.

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