Chickens Stories from Our Nest

Mr. Mom

Yesterday evening, I got home around 4:45 to lock in the flock.  I wanted to check for eggs because I didn’t want them sitting in the nesting boxes overnight.  Since some of the chickens sleep in the boxes, the last thing I wanted to happen would be for another hen to go broody!

All the chickens were already inside the coop.  I gently lifted up the nesting box lid.  In the far left box, I retrieved a small Silkie egg.  In the far right box was our rooster, Chocolate.  I had never seen him sleep there before.  Afraid of getting attacked, I gently closed the lid.

Early this morning I went to let the chickens out and check for eggs.  In the box, where Chocolate had spent the night, were two large very cold eggs.  I swear he must have been sitting on those eggs when I checked for eggs last night.  For reasons unknown, I think he sat on those eggs.  How long, I do not know.  Be it possessiveness or fatherly instinct, as of today I shall nickname him Mr. Mom.

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