Like Snowflakes…

January 5, 2011

No two eggs are ever alike.  I now appreciate the beauty of each and every egg produced by our flock.  The eggs themselves are all unique.  Even eggs laid by the same breed have variations.

Since raising backyard chickens, I have paid closer attention to what we are eating.  I carefully inspect each egg that is laid, guaranteeing that it is not cracked or pecked.  I notice tiny little bumps encased in the egg’s shell, like a grain of sand from the beach.  Some brown eggs are lightly speckled with flecks of white.  Some eggs are rough and some are smooth like glass.  Some are pointy and some are very round.  I find beauty in their creations.

We still supplement our egg supply with ones from the store.  I have noticed that if I look closely enough at those eggs, I can tell that they are from different chickens.  Society has trained us that eggs should look a certain way, all uniform in size, shape and color.  In fact, society goes much more beyond eggs.  (That subject is another blog in itself.)  Supermarket eggs appear to all be identical.  However, everyday I am reminded that nature celebrates uniqueness in all of it’s creations.  I have found no matter what the size, color, or shape of our eggs, they are all equally delicious!


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