Free At Last

January 24, 2011

Yesterday, I let part of the flock out for a little while to free range.  Those days seem so few and far between during the Winter.  Here they are in action.

Oyster Cracker


Oyster Cracker struts around the yard with a certain grace and attitude.  She commands attention from the flock just with her sheer size.  She is so graceful and dignified.  I think she knows it too.


Outside the run


Here the girls find snacks that my kids most likely dropped on the ground.  It is now fair game outside of the run!  I bet it is some scratch that the kids like to call chicken trail mix.   Chocolate was also incredibly sassy and bragging to all humans and the girls that he was feeling especially good.  I had to pick him up for a while and remind him just who is boss around here.  He was not too happy about that.

Finds in the grass

Sunshine loves to inspect every little details before she pecks.  She is cautious and meticulous with everything that she puts in her mouth.  She is also our noisiest girl.  Often she will do this call that sound like an angry yell.  She seems so upset about something and she want the world to know all about it.


Feathers                                                                                        Chickens in a row

Dainty and so very tiny, feathers is just that most adorable ball of fluff.  She is like a little black snowball flitting around the yard.  She is fast.  She is sweet and often comes to me first when free ranging for a visit.  Sometimes she likes to be picked up but most times she is just coming in to say hi and get a little reassurance.

Fluffy bottoms

One of my favorite things about the chickens are their beautiful fluffy bottoms.  The feathers are so different in this area; downylike.  When bending over eating, they remind me of light and airy clouds.  I love their fluffy bottoms!


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  1. How can I provide the healthiest lifestyle for my chickens. I am feeding them egg layer, scratch feed and sometimes fruits, vegetables and popcorn for snacks. I have recently lost a few to illness or disease. I believe my one rooster, Banchee had Merick's disease, another hen seemed to be egg bound and one just keeled over. None of these chickens were over 3 years old. Am I doing something wrong? I really want to have healthy happy chickens. They are all free range during the day and penned up at night to keep them safe. I hope you can help me.


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