Family Portraits

January 4, 2011

You might recognize these pictures from the side of the blog.  They are the family portraits.  These were taken in October when the chickens were about 4 months old.  Today, I was able to take new pictures of the flock.  I have posted them along the side of the blog. 

Unfortunately, the new chickens are not as tame as I’d like them to be.  I promise, I am working on getting their portraits.  It may just take a little time.  However, I did get Dolly!  The chickens are now seven months old and a couple of weeks.  You will notice that their combs and wattles have grown more vibrant red and are larger.  I am archiving these older photos today in this post.  I am so proud of the beauty my flock displays.

Tilly                                                          Oyster Cracker
Feathers                                               Chocolate

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