Bedtime Routines

January 19, 2011

The flock seems to be so happy that the days are getting longer.  They are starting to lay more eggs and each day they seem to be returning to the coop a tad bit later each evening.  I am starting to find the routine comical.  In the evenings, I peer out the window to see if the flock has gone in for the night.  I don’t dare open the garage door to let them know that I am coming.  They are so curious.   As soon as I venture outside, there they are in the run staring back at me wondering if I brought them any treats; those silly chickens.  I tell them to go to sleep. I return inside and then wait 5 minutes more.  At some point,  this week I realized that I could no longer go out at the same time everyday.  The days are indeed getting longer.  I also find that this is starting to remind me of bedtime with my kids, only I don’t find it as amusing.  “I need water.”  “I need the light on.” “Will you stay?”  Many return trips have often yielded a cranky mom.

Last night, I went to put the flock in around 5pm.  They were all inside.  I could hear low chattering and peeping that they do to one another.  They make their rounds saying goodnight to each other and checking to make sure everyone is okay.  Quietly, I opened the run.  As I was closing the coop door, I whispered, “Goodnight”.  Like popcorn, out came Meesha and Feathers.  It was too funny.  Again, I found myself waiting for them to go back inside.  I am glad that my chickens are happy.  I think that they are starting to sense that half of winter is now behind us.  If only I can get my timing right and remember that bedtimes are never easy for kids and apparently chickens.


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