Scratching and Work Ethics

December 9, 2010

Scratching at the ground is one of the chickens’ favorite things to do!  Chickens are continually on the hunt scratching their dinosaur-like feet into the earth, searching and searching for that perfect…stone, bug, piece of food, or worm.  It is remarkable to watch them.  Sometimes they rev up like they’re starting a motorcycle or getting ready to run then next 50 yard dash.  Other times, they do it with dignity; with a feeling of pomp, circumstance and grace.  Specific chickens also have scratching styles.

Tilly is extremely dignified.  Her head held high in the air barely taking the time to look down at the ground and goodies she has potentially unearthed.  Feathers and Chocolate rev!  They appear to be starting mini-motorcycles hidden under their feathers.  Soon, I imagine them just vrooming off down the street.  Other girls diligently scratch then look at the ground, scratch then look at the ground.  Oyster Cracker and Sunshine team up and are always together like inseparable twins sharing their finds between them.

I have drawn the conclusion that like people, chickens have various work ethics.  Some are speedy and carefree just wanting to get the job done.  Some never really complete things and are easily distracted.  Some are perfectionists and spend minutes on end in one spot going through the earth with a fine tooth comb.  Some are messier than others and some are neater.  Some find things all the time and others are not so lucky.  Then there are those that like to fly solo versus working as a group.  I can think of situations where I have come across all of these traits in people.  The only difference being that the chicken’s finds are their measure of success. 


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