Females, Hormones and Chickens; Oh My!

December 27, 2010

Whoever said it was easy being a female?  Dolly is a huge ball of hormones right now.  As females, we have so many wonderful traits to be proud about.  However, sometimes, hormones get the best of us.  Right now, I see that happening with Dolly.  Here are my not so scientific observation from the week: 

1.  Crankiness–Dolly speaks low and almost inaudible.  She seems to be complaining and kvetching about everybody and everything.  Sometimes, she even growls.  She is cranky and bothered by the littlest things.

2.  Bloating–Dolly is puffed up into a large ball.  She looks so huge with her head pointed down and her tail in the air.  She is definitely too big for her skinny jeans.

3.  Short tempered–When she goes out into the yard.  She is all business; including picking on those below her.  She runs around the run giving the lower girls pecks for what seems like no reason.  Everybody and everything seems to annoy her.

4.  Cutting her hair–Have you ever cut your long hair during a stressful time in your life?  Dolly is plucking out her chest feathers.  One by one she has lined her nest with them.  Her chest is bald.

5.  Antisocial/Reclusive Behavior– Dolly sits upon her nest day in and day out.  She only leaves it when I force her to get up and stretch.   Sometimes I just want to sit at home and curl up with a good book.  I don’t feel like doing anything.  I want to wear sweatpants, hide under a blanket and even take a nap. 

6.  Broody Bowels— Enough said.

7. Emotional Tendencies—  It is hard for me to keep removing Dolly’s eggs and the other chicken’s eggs out from under her.  Perhaps I am personifying her too much, but I truly feel that she is emotionally attached to the eggs.  She is waiting for chicks to be born.  She is proud of her creations.  During my pregnancies, I too “nested” around the house.   Each time, I eagerly anticipated the arrival of my children.

I smiled as I wrote this blog today.  I am glad that I can sometimes see myself acting like a hormonal chicken.  Maybe next time I feel hormonal,  I will remember to take a deep breath, smile and think about Dolly.


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