Organization Tips from Chickens?!

November 17, 2010

After cleaning out the garage, which was no easy or quick feat, I decided to add some quick organization tips to my blog.  Funny thing, chickens are great at organizing their lives!  See how they can teach you too.

1.  When in doubt throw it out.  I started adopting this principle with most everything.  Throw out items that are missing pieces.  Toss items that have seen better days.  Donate items that you have duplicates of.  How many spatulas does one really need?  My chickens do this with pieces of bedding that they don’t like.  They just kick it out of their coop into their run.

2.  If you haven’t used it in 6 months donate it.  Even if it is in fantastic condition, you don’t use it.  Let someone else benefit from it everyday.  Be generous.  Good karma returns.  I have donated old feeders and waterers that they have outgrown.

3.  If it doesn’t fit now it probably won’t fit next year.  Sad but true, through life, pregnancies and medical conditions, most of us hold onto those items of clothing that we no longer can fit into.  Donate them.  As painful as that might be, if you ever do get down to your old size, reward yourself with new items.  The chickens molt their feathers when they need new ones.  I have yet to see my chickens collecting and holding onto their old feathers.

4.  Categorize items in your home.  Keep together all like things.  This makes finding items you are looking for so much easier.  I did this in the garage.  See my older post Getting Organized.

5.  Label everything that you store in bins.  I also recommend clear storage bins that make finding things easier since they are see through.

6.  Go through your fridge weekly.  Toss out old and expired food.  This helps you determine what you need to replenish at the store and keeps you healthy.  I clean out the chicken feeders once a week.

7.  Try composting your compostable waste.  This decreases your carbon footprint, decreases the amount of garbage you are putting in the landfills and creates great compost for your garden.  We compost our chicken litter, manure and kitchen scraps.

8. Donate toys that your kids no longer play with.  Salvation Army gladly takes donated toys.  Our chickens don’t have too many toys.  They are waiting for Santa on that one.

9.  Less stuff leads to a simpler life, declutter and uncomplicate.  Chickens live happy lives with very little.  Chickens are happy if they have shelter, food, water, a clean house, place to roost and loving relationships.  I have learned alot from my chickens.


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