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November 11, 2010

My sisters and I are living on separate coasts of this country.  However, we remain close and are always sharing recipes with one another.  My sister came across this terrific idea!  It is called Tastebook.  It allows members to create cookbooks with their own personal recipes as well as importing fabulous recipes from well known popular cookbooks and cooking website.  She started a Tastebook for our family.  We’ve had such a fabulous time creating a new family classic!

Each Tastebook can be entirely personalized.  You can invite friends through email to join and share in the recipe swapping experience.  I have decided to create a Tilly’s Nest Tastebook.  So far, I have included all 5 recipes that I have featured on this blog.  I thought that it would be place to archive and organize the recipes.  With Tastebook, you have the option of ordering just one recipe, your own book, or the cookbook that I have created exclusively for Tilly’s Nest.

Here is the link to find the cookbook:  http://www.tastebook.com/cookbooks/592114-Recipes-from-Tilly-s-Nest?user_referral_id=1167401&utm_campaign=public_book&utm_medium=share  http://www.tastebook.com/

You can order the Tilly’s Nest cookbook for only $19.95 with a credit for 20 recipes.  Tastebook will send you the book and the 5 current recipes.  You can then add to your Tastebook as new Tilly’s Nest recipes become available.  Each Tastebook holds 100 recipes. There is even a free app for iphones that allows you to access your recipes on the go.

This make a terrific gift for the holidays.  Try creating one of your own to help bridge the gap between friends and family.  Nothing makes you feel better than sharing a meal together and creating memories.


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