Book Review: Minnie Lovgreen’s Recipe for Raising Chickens

November 29, 2010

Rating *****

This book is one of the sweetest and most clever books I have ever read about chickens.  In 1888, Minnie Lovgreen was born in England.  As one of 18 children, she learned to work her family’s farm.   At age 11, she supported herself by becoming a mother’s helper, eventually moving to Canada and then the United States.  While in America she met her husband and together they started a dairy farm.

She lived until 1975 and over the years had experienced the joy of raising chickens.  Her book is a memoir about her life with chickens.  She dictated her book to a close friend who transcribed her every word onto paper.  Her book is charming and witty.  She knew alot about chickens in those days and shares her knowledge with us through this fantastic book.

I read this book in one night.  It is a fast and easy read and highly enjoyable.  If you enjoy keeping chickens, this book is a great addition to your growing library.  I am glad that she took the time to write the book.  It is a terrific piece of Americana in 2010.


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